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150 Photos Of Animals Having A Worse Day Than You

150 Photos Of Animals Having A Worse Day Than You

#1 I Had To Cut Down A Tree In My Yard And Now I Feel Bad Image credits: wer190 #2 Oh, Ralph Image credits: dog_rates #3 We Actually Had To Help Him Down. Idiot Image credits: mrstoness #4 I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof Image credits: beefyfritosburrito #5 My Friends’ Cat Got Its Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This Image credits: Hardin314 #6 This Fat Fool Had To Be Rescued By Animal Control Image credits: mysweetriot #7 My Pitbull Always Thought He Was The Biggest Dog At The Dog ... Read More »

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