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Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Program

Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Program

The Creative Cloud is a subscription service to one or more products of what was formerly the Adobe Master Collection. For a set monthly fee, you have access to all of Adobe’s creative programs. The annual fee for the entire Creative Cloud set of programs is $49.99 per month, billed monthly, with an annual subscription. Upgrading from any Creative Suite 3 or later edition or individual product knocks off $20 per month for the first year. (There’s also a more expensive subscription plan that doesn’t have an annual commitment, but at $74.99 per month it’s only for folks with a specific product cycle or project in mind.)

So, What Do You Get For Your Money?

You have access to the programs of the plan you selected, plus Behance and cloud storage, of course. You also have regular updates and new features available as soon as they’re ready. No longer do you need to wait a year (or more) for new features to be introduced—you get them as soon as they’re considered customerready. (Since its release in mid-June 2013, Photoshop CC has already added quite a few new features, with more right around the corner. And users didn’t have to wait a full year for the next version.) Remember that all new Camera Raw features are for CC only. While Camera Raw updates for Photoshop CS6 will include support for new cameras and lens profiles for some time, new capabilities— such as the interactive histogram, the Color Smoothness slider in the Detail panel, and improvements to the Spot Removal tool (B) with the ability to Heal or Clone—are only available when working with Camera Raw through the Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop and Bridge.

Keep in mind that should you at some time decide to stop your subscription to the Creative Cloud, all CS6 and earlier versions of your programs remain fully functional, but they won’t get any of the new features introduced in the future. Additionally, providing software via download is more environmentally friendly than shipping shrink-wrapped boxes around the globe.

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