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Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Embarrassing Childhood Photos

The Blunder Brothers, circa 1994. I’m in purple Image credits: dame_condor First day of High School, I was apparently going for the 70-year-old man look Image credits: shrewlad_ I recently visited my sister who shared her favorite childhood photo of me – the time I married my giant stuffed Pikachu, Ricky Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian Visiting my family after several years and going through albums. Me at about 12. I’m a girl Image credits: Kaldea 8th grade. Captioned as “This is the path I chose”. My mom took this picture Image credits: LeVampirate I thought I looked so badass for my ... Read More »

30 Times Adults Tried Playing In Kids Playgrounds But It Ended Disastrously

30 Times Adults Tried Playing In Kids Playgrounds But It Ended Disastrously

Guy Gets Stuck In Kids Slide It’s Surprisingly Difficult To Get Out Once You’re Good And Stuck Me Too It Will Be Fun They Said Man Trapped In Children’s Playground Young Male Trapped In Swing. No Injuries, No Damage To Swing But A Very Grateful & Embarrassed Male! Crews Released Girl Trapped In Child’s Swing Girl Stuck In Rope Baby Swing This Woman And Her 11-Year-Old Niece Got Stuck In A Leicester Playground This Man Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Climb Into This Playground Attraction We’ve All Tried It At Least Once In Our Lives When My ... Read More »

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