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Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Embarrassing Childhood Photos

The Blunder Brothers, circa 1994. I’m in purple

Image credits: dame_condor

First day of High School, I was apparently going for the 70-year-old man look

Image credits: shrewlad_

I recently visited my sister who shared her favorite childhood photo of me – the time I married my giant stuffed Pikachu, Ricky

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

Visiting my family after several years and going through albums. Me at about 12. I’m a girl

Image credits: Kaldea

8th grade. Captioned as “This is the path I chose”. My mom took this picture

Image credits: LeVampirate

I thought I looked so badass for my senior prom

Image credits: PhoenoFox

I went through an Elvis phase when I was 15-16. It still hurts looking back and remembering calling girls “pretty mama”. It really hurts

Image credits:

Was told you guys might appreciate my boy Greg’s 1992 year book photos

Image credits: MaxwellSinclair

I was the spokesperson for Flavortown back in 5th grade

Image credits: VoraciousViking

I was an 11-year-old lesbian aunt

Image credits: TheCriddler

In my 4th grade baseball picture I look like George Costanza

Image credits: steinamo

1977, I really wanted a shirt “like those guys on Soul Train” so I had my mom make me one. Also stitches in upper lip, and some bit of food on my front tooth. Not my best year for school photos

Image credits: biffnix

My husband and his scooter. Around 1999/2000

Image credits: rel318

I blame my mother for allowing me to leave the house like this

Image credits: af0tey

Despite my hair stylist’s advice against it I always requested this ziggurat cut

Image credits: Sarcastic-Prick

This is why I never had a girlfriend in high school. I looked 35 when I was 14

Image credits: pachewychomp

Me at 13. I just I don’t even know where to begin

Image credits: itswac

“Exploring my options” – My senior picture in Class of 2000

Image credits: jiffypopper44

Blundering through 2nd grade

Image credits: astronomydomone

I tried to be more feminine for picture day

Image credits: Chipbot

Middle school volleyball was a very weird time for me

Image credits: grandbiscuits

I was in 2nd grade. I look like I am 50

Image credits: raperil009

Styled like a soccer mom at 13

Image credits: DinosaurWithNoEyes

I looked like an old Jewish man in 9th grade

Image credits: Mymajesticmoose

The photo was taken in the 80’s, but my outfit screams 1930’s

Image credits: DrBouvenstein

My tear drop glasses and curly mullet. The life of a young Montanan

Image credits: jakery642

I thought I looked real slick in the suit and that I had an on point jawline. Mazel tov

Image credits: jneiman

My husband’s school picture 1985

Image credits: Mouthful0fCavities

It took so long to get these damn extensions. Circa 1998, 14-years-old

Image credits: bigrude405

That time I went to my high school prom and looked like a 45-year-old woman

Image credits: Clairdassian

Comin’ at em with the frosted tip fro

Image credits: frowacki

I always carried chips around because I thought it made me cool

Image credits: BradGebben

I present to you my husband’s old school photo

Image credits: xcathix

The epitome of glamour

Image credits: pasaysbah

Me 30 years ago

Image credits: sbreebee

I shaved the middle of my head and dressed up like an old man in high school

Image credits: DesmondDHume

Having a dad bod at 18, circa 2009

Image credits: pdfelon

Apparently, I embraced the 80’s

Image credits: Earth_Poet

7-year-old going on 70 (circa 1994)

Image credits: jvmo41

Dad always encouraged me to be myself

Image credits: caesareansalad

I don’t know what I was thinking, late 90’s

Image credits: AgentEl3phant

Chubby 8-year-old me, sunburnt with a strained smile while I was forced into a weird victorian photoshoot

Image credits: oohnomadison

The world’s youngest grandmother

Image credits: cokamouse

I was so excited for that coat. The giant Doc Martin’s were just an added bonus. Christmas 2004

Image credits: BlondeRed

This innocence didn’t last much longer (1999)

Image credits: evalikeava

I insisted on “Dressing up” for first days of school. I think this is Kindergarden or first grade. circa 199(3/4). I look like a tiny insurance saleman

Image credits: Xalwine

Band Geek, 1987

Image credits: ahydell

“No mum, baggy clothes are my thing, it’ll be awesome!” – me before the 7th grade dance, year 2000

Image credits: djmeoww

Just discovered this sub and wanted to share my shame with you

Image credits: Tinyquinones

These frames were from the signature “Jeffrey Dahmer Collection”

Image credits: superfudge73

Ladies please, I’m not a piece of meat. Don’t give me an excuse to unzip my pants into shorts

Image credits: CaptainDukeSilver

First day of school, grade 6, circa 1988

Image credits: MissKilmister

My mom made matching outfits for me, my fourth grade teacher, and her daughter

Image credits: Lady_Dash

Me in 4th grade. My barrette fell out and I just stuck it on my head. Also, those glasses

Image credits: imnotacrazyperson

I looked like McCauly Caulkin wearing a Cosby sweater

Image credits: DigitalDrews

I too was born in 1981. I present to you, the Butch Soccer Mom (I’m a guy)

Image credits: ohlaph

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