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Emulsion Emulator for Photoshop : Exposure 5

Emulsion Emulator for Photoshop : Exposure 5

This incredible hybrid of past, present, and futuristic analog film effects has come a long way from its first release. Most notably, insofar as new features are concerned, Alien Skin has given its vintage-retro-loving plug-in a new, darker user interface and preset browser. Navigating is faster, and performance improvement isn’t solely dependent on your hardware, making this a noticeable upgrade for fans of previous versions. While Exposure was always great at reproducing favorite film emulsions and effects, version 5 provides more control and precision to create a richer, more dynamic look.

Another noticeable improvement is in the appearance of the printed output, particularly when the plug-in is used for advertisements or posters. Exposure 5 presents something that the trendy effects seen in social media images will never achieve compared to Alien Skin’s classic creative consistency with the best analog films in photographic history. This is comprehensive analog-film emulation for the professional photographer and graphic artist that will appeal to independent designers or more advanced consumers, as well.

No matter whether you want a retro look, grungy effects, or just to re-create a vintage environment for your images, Exposure 5 is professional-grade power that can help you work less to achieve stunningly high-quality output. When a creative plug-in starts with its prior versions having stellar reviews, the bar is set fairly high for the next incarnation. In this case, Alien Skin’s Exposure 5 clears the hurdle.

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