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Fotolia Launched a New App

Fotolia Launched a New App

In response to the new trends in social media, mobile phone, and smartphone use, Fotolia launched a new app and collection, made for smartphone photos. Created for iPhone 4 and up (an Android version is coming soon), Fotolia Instant offers fresh, images taken using the new app, which allows users to shoot and upload to Fotolia directly from their smartphones.

The Instant Collection offers users a new opportunity to enhance their visual communications with spontaneous, high-quality photos. Photos being submitted to the Instant Collection must meet the same quality and aesthetic standards as other images for sale on Fotolia, as well as meet the legal requirements related to image rights and intellectual property as specified by Fotolia. Thanks to a new filter and easy exposure control, the new Fotolia Instant app allows users to take better, more aesthetic shots without compromising image quality and resolution.

The Fotolia Instant app makes it easy for photographers to upload digital model releases to the site, directly from their smartphones, making the process simple and efficient. Fotolia Instant is available for free in the App Store. An iPad application will  be launched shortly that will allow users to browse Fotolia’s library, and download images to their device or Dropbox account. For more information, visit

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